Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is time for an update. I feel like my life is so cool, even though society labels 'stay at home mom-dom' as mundane and full of stress. Well, it is, but life can still be pretty cool, too.

I don't even know where to start.

We have decided to sign on our house. We looked around Vernal for an apartment, and even had some good friends think of us when a townhouse came open to rent in our ward. But in the end, this investment is worth the risks, even thoug we really don't deserve a house this nice. So, yay for stability!

Dave's job is getting better. They are resolving issues with the management in the store, and he wants to stay in Vernal until something better opens up with DI (experimental jobs out east and international).

We went up to Salt Lake this weekend. It was like a week of Party. Earlier in the week we drove the 2 hours to Grand Junction, CO to go to their Chick-fil-a and the Bananas Fun Park. We did Bumper boats, where Dave and Sarah got soaked, mini golf, and a Dora & Diego bouncy house. I caught a game of lazer tag while Dave and the kids did the arcade. Then we went shopping at Kohls. Dave spent $100 and saved $500. We loveKohls. Then I went to Old Navy, where I'd like to say I found similar saving, but I didn't. However, I did find that I am officially a Medium shirt size again. I didn3 think it was possible, but I really am that small again! Thank you, Body for Life. I also bought a pair of size 10 pants to motivate myself these next couple weeks. Also they were cheap and I don't have pants smaller than 12s. 3 weeks to go!

Thursday we went to the beach without Daddy (who was at work). Steinaker State park is only about 15 minutes away, and has some really nice sandy beaches. It is $7 per car, which means we can't go all the time, but we can swing it every couple weeks. I didn't but sunscreen on and got a nice burn that is turning into an even better tan. But- no more sun for me this season. I put sunscreen on the kids, but they got burned anyway. =( Not to badly, but I was rubbing baby oil on their backs that night, and it felt so good to Christian that he smiles and says 'woil' every time he sees the bottle. That boy. He says mom, dad, hi and woil. =)

Friday I spent the whole day cleaning and packing. At 4 we got dad from work and left for Park City to the Deer Valley Music Fest again. This time it was the Utah Symphony playing the 1812 Overture with live cannons! It was an audience picks concert, so we enjoyed a lot of classics: Willaim Tell, Beethoven's 5th symph, Kannon in D, Porgy & Bess, Flight of the Valkuries, Four Seasons. Dave's parents met us there. It was nice to do something with them. So, Sarah and Christian danced the night away, and then almost fell asleep until the 1812. The cannons were awesome. Sarah was familiar with the song from Little Einteins, and she talked about the parts of the episode that were associated with each part of the piece (monkey, volcano, playing too loud.) It was tons of fun.

The next morning we went to the Zoo with Kat and Nick. The kids really enjoyed it. At the end we played on a playground there and headed home. It felt like we spent forever there, but it probably was just the sun.

That evening I bought Dave some strawberry cake rolls, red vines and ordered out for Papa Johns Pizza, all his favorites, and talked him mom into letting him open and use his present, Star Craft II. He has been waiting 12 years for this game to come out. Star Craft was his game of choice, and apparently he could womp most people growing up. It was fun to play with him. Star Craft is a lot like War Craft, which I played as a kid, just set in space instead of a medival fantasy world, so I got the hang of it pretty quick. We, along with Dave's little brother Michael, started on Very Easy against 4 computers, and got all the way up to Hard by 1 am, when we decided to call it quits. Because kids don't care if you didn't get any sleep the next morning.

We got up on time, though, and went to church with Josh and Carrie. Carrie gave a wonderful talk on living a balanced life. She's so amazing. I'm always surprised when they want to hang out with us because they're so cool. After church we hung out with them and Josh let me eat some Ranch Doritos. They were yummy.

The last thing to do was family dinner, which is now a bit of a blur. There are so many people, and his parent's house isnot small, but there is too much sometimes. His mom made lots of great food, as always, and we had cake and pies and opened presents. Christian had his own little cake, which he had fun riping apart with his fork. It was wonderful.

There you have it. Any question?


  1. Spoken like a true stay-at-home mom. SIGH...wish I was there. :)

  2. That's sounds amazing! So glad you are enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. It's the best!