Monday, May 2, 2011

Things that happened:

1) Week 1 of my raw diet. Didn't cheat. Feel great! 2 more weeks until I weigh in.

2) Sold a car! Dave will ride the bus to work, not only cutting down on gas but also his stress level. Estimated savings per month: $400! Can you believe it? Accident Insurance here is murder.

3) My flower sproutlings are up. I planted them a couple weeks ago and have since checked on them every five minutes like a small child.

4)Saturday we went to Indianapolis Saturday, and saw original famous paintings at the IMA for FREE. It pretty much made my day.

5) Fixed the hhr, our other car. The fuel pump went and it would randomly turn off while driving. Not fun.

6) Started our pre-marathon-training training program. It consisted of running once together because it rained all last week. This week we run 20 miles or something like that. Bring it on!

7) Dave is seriously reconsidering the military as a chaplain. We haven't decided anything yet, but the possibility is there. We'll update if anything happens!


  1. I'd love to hear more about the raw diet. I've thought about it, but haven't looked to much into it yet.

  2. I basically just eat salad and fruits and veggies all day. It started with a short-term cleansing diet about a month ago. ( The more I eat vegetables, the less I eat of everything else.

    I also eat nuts and dried fruit, and feta cheese and hummus, meaning that I'm not really fully raw or fully vegan, but I feel it keeps my diet a little more real without adding huge amounts of calories. I highly recommend it! I'm doing a 6 week stint, hoping that couple with exercise, I'll finally be able to lose some weight!

  3. Hey, so random since I dont really know you ( I hit something accdentally on Kara Cantwells page) How did your husbands Chaplain thing turn out. My husband had been working that direction, he has 3 more semesters before *fingers crossed* grad school. Anyway, I am always on the hunt for any information. LDS chaplains are a rare breed.