Sunday, June 6, 2010

So, the spider story is that while we were sweeping out the garage last week a black widow came crawling out of the front corner by the door. After some mild freaking out, Dave smashed it with a hammer, and its grainy insides splattered all over our garage floor. Needless to say, we have since been in contact with the local pest control company, and they came on Friday to spray our house and garage. Just thinking about it makes me shutter.

It's been a busy week. I'm happy to report that I cooked 10 fabuous meals this week. I really should have taken pictures of all of them. I'll give you a run-down

Monday was memorial day and I didn't cook.

Tuesday morning we had scrambled eggs with toast. This was Dave's first day at work, so we made sure to get him off to work on time. That night we got library card and went swimming, but only afte eating bowties with grilled chicken pieces and brussel sprouts. I can't tell you how much I love my grill pan. Things just taste better with grill marks on them.

Wednesday was poached eggs on toast with orange slices. You know what? I love poached eggs. Try them. You'll like them. Wednesday was Ward temple night, and some girl watched our kids so we could go to the Vernal Temple. It's so llittle and cute! But beautiful and wonderful. We had a low-fat, high protein freezer dinner by birdseye or something like that.

Thursday - French toast! It is healthy only when you don't put butter, powdered sugar, syrup, etc on it like we did. Dave took the car to work while Sarah and Christian and I walked to the library for story time. It was about bugs, and they even made pom-pom bugs at the end. We got our paperwork for the summer reading program (100 books by July 31 for Sarah, 100 chapters for mom). I'm working on a biography of Walt Disney because they didn't have one on George Washington (weird?). Anyway, that night, after much deliberation, we ate homemade shake 'n bake chicken with mashed potatoes and asperagus. And watermelon for desert. Yum! Oh, also I made cute barrettes for Sarah. Yay!

Friday. Breakfast was Krusteaz brand pancakes, which have pretty much no nutritional value, so we had eggs for our protein. We had strawberry syrup by watering down some jam and then thickening it again with corn starch because I waterd it down too much. I pretty much just cleaned, and took Sarah out to pick flowers.

Saturday we had pancakes again. And for dinner we ate pork with this amazing Cranberry-soy sauce and some deep-fried artichokes (I'm a sinner!). Then we went to Stake conference and heard Elder Gong speak. It was great.

Dave and I are staring body for life tomorrow (for real). We'r both pretty motivated, and we'll keep you updated.


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