Monday, May 31, 2010

Cleaning the Garage

Memorial Day means that Dave got to help us unpack more today. Hooray! We spent the bulk of the day on the bathrooms and sorting out the rst of the boxes in the garage. Our garage is unfinished, and after watching too much Garage Mahal on DIY Network (perhaps just too much DIY Network in general), I can't bear to look at the dry wall white-striped where the seams and nails are, and the concrete cracking and dusty and gray. Sigh. But I have to keep reminding myself tthat we don't have the capitol to do it all right now. I just keep seeing our garage with rubber flooring, lined with galvanized steel or some faux stone work 1/3 up the wall and cabinets lining the walls. Sigh again. And everywhere I look inside I see chair rails and backlit crown molding, and keep wondering if an electrician could wire the rope light to a switch without damaging the drywall...

We had a scary experience when sweeping out the garage today. It involves a spider and I will post it tomorrow.

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