Saturday, May 29, 2010

New House

We did it, we're here! I must say that I think we have the most beautiful house in the world (within our price range). I just love so much about it. There are big things, like the floorplan, the master suite and the garage, and then the are the small things like the molding and the texturing on the walls. Even the paint is perfect, a sort of light cappiccino foam. There were a lot of giddy noises coming out of Dave and I yesterday.

Which reminds me of other house related good news. Dave likes this house after all, maybe even loves it. He was pretty excited about the price on a townhouse in this same development. I wasn't. I didn't want our first 'home' to be what feels like an apartment. There were some problems with the floorplan, like the kitchen was a little cramped, and the bedrooms were on an upper level, meaning I'd have to confine the kids, and so on. It just didn't feel right. The moment we stepped into this house I knew, really the moment I saw the kitchen (it's great). Dave, being the good husband bought this house for me. I was so afraid that he would always regret getting this house instead of the townhouse, but over the past 36 hours I've seen him fall just as in love with it as I am. Stay tuned for info on our house warming party!

Anyway, I gotta get back to unpacking. =)

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