Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick list

A lot of good things happened today.

1) We unpacked the kitchen and organized it. It is clean and big.

2) We went to Lowe's and bought a doormat for the garage, as that will be our primary entrance into the house. Don Aslett taught me that a house with proper doormat sqftage (at least 6 feet indoors and out) will require less cleaning.

2.5) Lowe's makes me want to Home Improve everything.

3) On a related note, the wood panels on the cabinet below the sink have a bracket holding them in (instead of glue or nails). This is significant because it will allow me to fulfill my dream of adding a hinged shelf in there for sponges as seen here.

4) Not only does Vernal have two movie theaters with six screen combined, they also have a drive in movie theater on the west side of main st. They were playing How To Train Your Dragon when we were coming home today.

5) The movers packed the clean dishes from our dishwasher, which means that we didn't leave anything behind.

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