Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving to Vernal part 2, pre-packing.

So, we're cleaning every surface in the house. Yesterday we cleaned the upholstery on the blue couches, and today it's washing out the cupboads in the kitchen. With everything coming off the walls, this apartment is feeling so bare. Not to be too poetic, but the 'builder white' paint seems so unfeeling to me, like we're just another family that has come and gone, like we haven't made an impact. The first thing I'm going to do when we move is paint the walls.

The kiddos are great. Sarah has started the life-long phase of pretend play. She'll disappear to her room, and after it's been quiet long enough for me to wonder, I'll scramble after her to see what mess she's into. Time after time she has been sitting on her floor with a slew of disney figurines we got at DI, walking them through the doll house and princess castle and sitting them on the doll furniture. Sometimes I see them all on the back of Christian's flatbed truck 'going for a boat ride.' When she sees me she usually says something like, 'You come sit here,' and motions for me to come play with her. I'm pretty bad at playing with her. I don't really know how. When I sit with her, I end up not doing much more than that. Due to her age, she doesn't include me in her play scenarios, but she seems to want to take cues because she's not sure what kinds of things people do when they pretend. So I try to give her an idea, which is promptly trampled because I'm threatening her independence. So, pretend play phase also marks the point when I no longer do anything right.

Buddy (Christian, Andrew), is a different story. He's the kind of baby every mother loves. He smiles when you make eye contact, and most of the time will bashfully turn into my shoulder, only to look up to show off his dimple again. As long as mommy is close, he'll go to people, and immediately look into the face of his new friend and smile that sweet smile again. If he decides he likes what's happening and mommy is still close by, he'll probably lay his head gently on your chest to show he likes you. He's such a good guy.

By the way, the move date has moved up. We pack the day after tomorrow and unpack friday! Let's hope we do actually have early occupancy in our new home. ! For now, more cupboards to wipe out.

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  1. I love the image of Sarah surrounded by figures in her make-believe world. It reminds me of Kaleb surrounded by his lego men and involved in something that only he can understand.