Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving to Vernal.

This is a blog. It will describe a girl and her family and her life. Please, enjoy.

This is the week. It's hard to believe that we'll be in a new place in a few short days. I keep thinking that if we have to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, that I'd rather just stay where I am. But part-time work to full-time work does put stars in my eyes.

So, we get a full moving package, which is kind of weird because it means people I don't know are going to come into my house and go through my drawers and move my furniture and put their hands on my things. After much thought, it logically beats loading and unloading a moving truck, but it still urks me on a personal level. They won't pack my underwear will they? Maybe some things will magically disappear before moving day.

Saying goodbye to people really is the worst. It makes you feel so much more than you usually do day to day, and sometimes it's too much for me. I'd rather pretend like life is going to go on (which it is), and these people will go on to live happy and productive lives without me (which they will). I don't do well with confrontations, even if they are non-threatening, BUT, I have planned lots of face to face visits with important people this week, so wish me luck.

That's all for tonight. Look forward to many more entries of this likeness. 6 days until the move!

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  1. Glad you've started this blog.

    I'm proud of you on so many levels, Sofie, to which I now add - and this doesn't surprise me - that you write well.