Thursday, July 1, 2010


I haven't posted about my birthday weekend yet? It was amazing.

David had Friday, the 25th off from work and told me to make sure my day was clear. After doing my upper body work out and eating a healthy breakfast (of whole wheat german pancakes, which, without the butter qualify for BFL =), he dropped me off at the local cosmotology academy. This is our secret. The service is decent by itself, so when they charge sometimes less than half the price of salons, it's a no brainer. I do like my $35 pedi every once in a while (once every couple years). So, I got a manicure, pedicure, facials, scalp treatment and a hair cut, but don't worry, it was only a trim! It felt fantastic! Got to know the girl pretty well, and I liked her a lot. I think I'll facebook her.

Dave showed up 4-5 hours later, and asked if we could go to Lowe's. I said sure, we had some stuff to return and to Specifically, we had to pick up some decorative light bulbs for the bathroom. On the way home Dave asked what my plans were. I told him I'd probably put Buddy down for a nap.

For the past couple weeks Dave had been talking about an old piano that a friend in town was getting rid of. She was willing to give it to us for free. Dave seemed kind of put out by it, because apparently it wasn't in very good condition. I expressed that I'd be happy to learn how to restore pianos, but I didn't push it because I know that restoring means money, and time away from babies.

So, we drive into the garage and Dave asks me to bring in the light bulbs so they won't get broken. I, of course, suspect something, but I try to suppress the inherent Governale gift of seeing through subtlty so I can be genuinely surprised. I walk through the door and notice that the loveseat from the front room is now in our somewhat small living area. Regardless of any supression, I now know that the old, broken piano is in the front room. I'm happy at this surprise, and don't know whether to go see it, or go back to the garage to thank Dave.

After the split second hesitation, I decide to go in the front room, where there is sitting, not an old broken upright, but a beautiful, brand new black baby grand. But, no, it's not a baby, it's technically, by length, a grand piano. Dave walks in the front door to see me in shock. My first thoughts, like a good wife, are, 'We can't afford this,' but I think I had the decency to thank him before I said it out loud. Then, of course, tears come, and I cry into his chest for a while. I think it scared our kids a bit, because Buddy started crying too, and Sarah became ultra sensitive and kept asking if I was feeling sad.

David had set aside the next couple hours for me to play it, which I did, interspersed with comforting confused children, hugging and thanking a happy Dave, crying some more, and dancing around the house like a crazy person. It was pretty awesome.

That night I had figured we were going to see Damn Yankees at the local amphitheater, mostly because I specifically asked to go see it. Every year in Vernal they put on one show on an outdoor stage that runs something like three weeks. If we had moved here a few months earlier, I probably would have auditioned.

So, while we were eating one of our 6 daily meals, I asked if I could open his presents to me and a package from my parents. My dad had given me a strange warning about one of their gifts for me, how they were going out on a limb, and if I hated it, that would be okay, and I could donate it to DI or something. That warning fueled an excitement to open that package. It had to be something weird, unsual or awesome, or all three. I was iintersted...

Dave got me springform pans, and he stacked them and wrapped them to look like a birthday cake. It was cute. He made me a deliciously rich 4 layer chocolate cake with strawberry filling that we had on Sunday. My parents' mystery gift was a flute!! It was perfect! I know have the four most common solo instruments: violin, piano, flute and voice. I could only get (can still only get) about thre notes out of it, but apparently that's normal. I'm excited about the challenge.

We ended the night with Damn Yankees, where I volunteered Dave for the pre-show gag and he won me a baseball. It was the best birthday ever! And it was only day one!

Satutday, my actual birthday, we spent probably 8 hours cleaning and organizing our house in preparation for family to come over Sunday. Contrary to the drudgery you imagine, I loved it. It was like some housewife's fantasy to be able to deep clean every surface of the house in one day and have it remain so all at once. It's a triumph that I'll probably hold on to for the rest of my adult life. ('Remember that one magical day when everything was clean? Sigh!')

Dave's family came Saturday night and stayed for Sunday. They had spent the day in Tooele watching Dave's mom, April, sky dive for the first time. She did great! I saw the tape. I was proud of them for making the 3 1/2 hour drive out to see us. We attended church, ate cake and they didn't throw things at me when I played the piano. I really enjoyed having family in our house.

A few days later, to top everything off, I got cards in the mail, and the family I used to tend for sent me flowers! It was by far the best birthday ever, even though we went to a hot air balloon festival last year.

Thanks to all who were involved! Next year I'm expecting a harp! =)

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  1. You are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing.