Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Dear Blog and the people who read it,

We are fairing well in life. A lot of things have come together for me this past week. The first is very exciting. I talked with the ladies down at the USU extension, who are going to get me into school this fall! I still don't know how many music courses I'll be able to take (still need to e-mail Mr. Jessop!), but I do know they offer online Italian language classes, which will most certainly count toward a voice emphasis. I've applied, but still need to take care of FAFSA and scholarship applications. We can also breath a sigh of relief because we won't have to pay on my student loans come fall (just in time to start payments on Dave's, though!).

Another fun thing is because we have a piano in our home, I could teach voice lessons! From what I've gathered, there aren't many voice teachers in the area, so hopefully we could make it viable source of income? We'll see how things roll. I plan to advertise in the classifieds and around town, and quite possible start up a website... I'm not sure. Everything is still in the works.

Intejection: I was reading a history of Maine until I got stuck in the seventeenth century (near the beginning =/ ) and now I just want to read To Kill A Mocking Bird because that's all they're talking about on NPR this week.

Body for life is going great. I had a rough spot last weekend because we partied way too much. My free day spilled over into other days a little bit. But, no long term damage done. I'm back on track again. Actually, I've started going to the gym during the day again, too. It feels really good, and I've ended the last few days dead tired around 8. It's turned me into a morning person! I actually am foregoing the Temple tonight because I knew I'd be too tired to focus on what I want to. I'll go Saturday, early morning.

Dave and I were asked to speak on Sunday. I'm to speak on Sacrifice, and I was a little nervous at first because I couldn't think of anything to say. Really, for 3 days nothing has come to my mind when I think of it. Finally, this morning I found a few Conference talks that got the thoughts flowing. But it was a kind of scary couple days. I thought I was going crazy!

So, now that we know where we are going to live for a while, Dave and I are preparing to finish the race season. We still have a 10k, half Marathon and another Sprint Tri to complete before the family Turkey Trot 5k in Draper at Thanksgiving. It's kind of hard living so far away from everything. They had a Tri a couple weeks ago here in Vernal, but it was on my birthday, and a little too close to our move. There are plenty left in the season, but we'll have to travel. If any of you want to race with us, let me know! We could even do it from a distance-- you find a race, we'll find a race, and we'll pretend we ran it together! Let me know!

So, that's all for now. I'm ready for bed! And it's before eight! Silly girl. =)

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  1. You sounds so happily busy!! Awesome! I would love to train to run some day. I jogged with Todd and his sister on vacation and they kicked my bumm. I'll just focus on my exercise dvd's!

    Good luck with everything!