Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Home Evening

Tonight for FHE we decided to start keeping a record of our kids. I have, in the past, through e-mail and my own journal, recorded mile stones for our kids, and we definitely have plenty of pictures, but we don't have them all in one place. So, tonight we got each of them notebooks. Here are some of the things we wrote:


Age: 2.5
Favorite things to do for Sarah Time: McDonald's play place, go to the park, paint and sing.
Favorite movies: Shrek, Toy Story, Muzzy, Dora and Meet the Robinsons.
Likes to read with mom and dad
Favorite color: purple
Favorite foods: Milk in a sippie cup, instant oatmeal, hot dogs, Dora Spaghettios, sugar and peanut butter toast.
Loves to have her nails painted, but eats it off her fingers! Yuck!
Loves to dance to the music during the crdits of a movie
Loves to build with legos, take a bath, and Loveslovesloves putting on makeup.
Can do summersaults!
Not potty trained, and doesn't want to try.
Pushes buddy down twice a day. At least.
Has 12 teeth

Andrew Buddy Christan

Age: 11 months
Favorite thing to do: eat.
Also loves: playing with Sarah, Dancing, and cruising
First words (in order): Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, Hello
Signs: More, Milk, Waves goodbye.
Claps hands to 'If you're Happy and You Knowit'
Can give 5 up to 100!
Randomly dances when cars with loud music drive by.
Walked 10 steps unassisted today!
Eats anything off the floor
Climbs on child size chairs and sits down
Swings one leg when he feels accomplished or happy
Pretends to talk on the phone. Says, 'Hello?'. Uses various other objects as phones.
Loves to color, and pretends he is coloring by moving his hand around when he has paper but no crayons
Has 7 teeth
Goes down the slide (headfirst!) by himself
Plays princesses with Sarah! =)
Makes everyone smile!

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  1. That was so fun to read. They are so precious! You are a great mom! Keep it up!