Thursday, July 22, 2010

The ward potluck.

Greeting from Vernal.

We had an interesting experience at our ward party yesterday evening. It was under a pavillion at a park. The activity was a pot luck and cooking contest for the men. Just as everyone (probably 150+ people) was getting food and starting to eat, dark clouds rolled in and it started pouring. Everyone huddled in close so they wouldn't get wet, but then the wind started blowing 45 mph throug the pavillion. Then it started hailing. I remember looking up into the crowd while my back is being pelted with stinging, cold balls of ice, and seeing parents huddled with crying children, holding plates of food, most of which has blown away, and just hearing general screaming and chaos, and lauging outloud. It was such a comic scene. Eventually people started making a break for their cars, and then the wind died down. We were soaked! It felt like we had just jumped into a cold pool. The whole thing probably only lasted ten minutes, but it will be a fun memory. If the point was for us to bond, I think it worked.

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  1. We are having a social at a pavilion on Saturday. I hope we do not get a repeat. How did your kids react?